Creating multiple pivot tables but grouping the data in different ways

Pivot Tables for Excel 2007A common pivot table problem is that when you create multiple pivot tables, you sometimes group the data on pivot table, and when you go to another pivot table (which you don’t want the grouping to apply to), the grouping is forced on the pivot table.

The solution to avoid this is:

First create a pivot as normal.

When creating your other pivots, you MUSTN’T copy the pivot, nor must you go to the source document and create a new pivot.

For the second pivot you need to press the Alt key then press D then press P key to get the Pivot table wizard activated.  You can click through to the end. When Excel recommends that you link to the other pivots data, you click NO.   This will cause two unique pivots so that grouping applied to one will not affect the other one.


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