Determining kg’s picked per hour in Microsoft Excel

If you have workers that work shifts and you are trying to determine how effective they are, you may use Excel to determine a ratio, for example, kilograms picked per hour. If you use Excel time format, a 24 hour day is represented in a fraction format e.g. 8 hours of work is shown in Excel as 0.33333 (8hrs/ 24 hrs) and you can format it to show as 8:00:00 . If you use this in a calculation though you will need to divide by 24 hours to get an appropriate number.

So if a worker picks 120 kg in 8 hours, the obvious answer is 15 kg per hour. If you simply divide the 2 cells in excel it will give you an answer of 360. Divide the 360 by 24 you get to the 15 you require.


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