EPL Spreadsheet

EPL Spreadsheet

For some fun and to learn a bit about the Excel environment worldwide, we are developing an EPL spreadsheet to allow players to set up a sweepstakes or office pool based on the English Premier League. We are just awaiting permission from the Premier League but the following features are envisioned.

Update: See all our latest fun office pool sweepstake spreadsheets for sporting events

The organiser will receive 2 spreadsheets, one being the master spreadsheet and the other one for the participants.

Participants will need to go through the fixture list and predict the scores of the matches. To make it easier we have included 2 extra features i.e.

  • select a team e.g. Manchester United and filter for only their fixtures. Predict all their results, then choose another side and do the same.
  • Eventually you will have some teams left over that perhaps you don’t have a view on. In this case, you can specify how you rank the teams (what is the relative ranking between QPR and Southampton), specify what benefit the team has in home matches (does Chelsea get a chance of an extra goal when they are at home) and ask Excel to generate possible results. You can iterate¬†through these Excel predictions until you have a final league table that makes sense to you.

Once this is done the participants send it back to the organiser who can store the predictions on there master file. Now it is just a case of updating the actual scores and seeing who is better at predicting. Some other ideas using the same EPL spreadsheet might be to:

  • upload it to something like Google Docs so that participants can monitor it
  • allow for a ‘re-prediction’ at set times in the season
  • have mini awards for the person scoring the most points every month

In the standard version, the organiser would need to update the scores themselves. In the premium version the scores would update themselves directly on the spreadsheet.

If this interests you, please send an email to adrian@AuditExcel.co.za . Once all the legalese have been sorted out we will inform you of the release