Euro 2016 Spreadsheet for Predictions and Sweepstakes

AFCON-2015-spreadsheetFor a bit of fun, we have completed the new Euro 2016 Spreadsheet to use in the tournament to make predictions about the results or to run a office or friends sweepstakes.

Update: See all our latest fun office pool sweepstake spreadsheets for sporting events

As with the other sporting spreadsheets, it takes into account the rules of the tournament to help you see who is likely to progress.

Also, we will update the results on our side so that when you open up the spreadsheet the results will be automatically pulled through.

The Euro 2016  spreadsheet was particularly difficult to create due to some unusual rules.

Firstly, the tie breakers in the group stage go in this order which is a difference between FIFA and UEFA. So order within the groups in the case of a tie on points will be decided:

  • first on a mini group basis (so if 3 of the 4 teams are tied you look at what the group would look like if only those 3 teams were in a pool together)
  • then on a head to head basis
  • and only then on the normal goal difference, goals scored etc.

Secondly, due to the number of teams, certain third place teams make it to the knockout rounds but who they play depends on which other teams qualified in third place.

How the UEFA Euro 2016 spreadsheet for sweepstakes works

The spreadsheets work as follows:

  • When you receive the download it contains 2 spreadsheets
    • a master spreadsheet for the organiser
    • the Euro 2016 Spreadsheet predictor for the sweepstake participants
  • The organiser can send out the predictor to the players and ask them to complete the spreadsheet by
    • predicting the results of the pool stages of Euro 2016
    • analysing the resultant knockout match ups that will self generate out of the pool predictions
    • make predictions all the way to the finals, and then
    • send it back to the organiser.
  • The organiser can then incorporate up to 50 players predictions into the master file and you are set.
  • As the tournament progress we will update the scores AUTOMATICALLY onto all the master spreadsheets and the sweepstake scores will update by themselves.

Alternatively if you just want to get a spreadsheet to make a prediction and see the likely routes of your favorite Euro 2016 participant to the finals you can just use one of the participant spreadsheets.

Click to see more of how the Euro 2016 sweepstakes spreadsheet works with screenshots and FAQ’s.