Excel 2013 copy paste problem

Excel 2013 copy paste problem (not working)

A very annoying issue we have encountered is the Excel 2013 copy paste problem (also seems to happen with Excel 2010). In this situation when you try and copy an area from one spreadsheet to another (in the same instance), it refuses to copy the formatting and formulas and instead pastes everything as text. It almost seems as if copy paste is not working, but it is not consistent so sometimes the formulas come across and other times it is like you are doing a Paste Special as values!

There seems to be some commentary on this and hopefully it will be sorted out soon via a patch, but it seems that it has nothing to do with Excel but rather whether you have Internet Explorer or Google Chrome open at the same time and more specifically whether you have Skype Click to Call extension enabled. Due to our work we always have one of them open so we encountered this problem frequently.

We have tried it out and with limited testing it seems to work. When we encounter the issue we close Chrome and/ or Explorer and suddenly the copy paste works as expected. We then left them open but switched off the Skype Click to Call extension and again it seemed to work.

This is something to be very careful of as it can ruin your spreadsheet especially if you are rushing and expect the copy paste to just work!