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Excel Between function

Excel Between Function

Spreadsheet users eventually all require the ability to do an Excel between function. However, no such function exists in Excel and any attempt to play with the logical operators does not work.

So for example if you want X to be between say 5 and 15, Excel users often try and enter 5>X<15 or similar. This doesn’t work.

In order to see if a number is between two numbers you need to use the AND function ( click here to see the video clip on the AND function).

The AND function checks if 2 or more conditions are met e.g. X is bigger than 5 AND X is less than 15 ( in Excel terms this would be =AND(X>5, X<15). This achieves the same as a between as only numbers between 5 and 15 can both be bigger than 5 AND less than 15. The end result is a True or False which can then be used in an IF or other functions.