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Excel can help you read large numbers

Excel has a feature in it that can read text or numbers to you. Although its Afrikaans is not great, it will correctly read a large number with all the billions and millions in the right place. So whether you need to read large numbers, or have someone call numbers to you to check that you are right, you can use this tool.

Listen carefully as Excel correctly reads out large numbers.

So listen carefully how to do this

To add this feature you need to make two extra buttons available.

Right click on your Quick Access Toolbar (you probably have the Save, undo and redo buttons there), and choose the Customise Quick Access Toolbar.

Excel reads large numbers

Then choose the All Commands from the dropdown as shown below.

Excel reads large numbers

Now add the Speak Cells and Stop Speak Cells to your toolbar

Excel reads large numbers

As an example type the following into a spreadsheet, highlight the cells, and click the Speak Cells button (make sure you have your audio on).

Excel reads large numbers