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1. How do you copy from Excel (see 1 below) and paste into Word (2) WITHOUT seeing the filter button, gridlines, comment notes and more?

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Excel comment change shape

Many Excel users make use of the comment feature to leave notes for themselves and others about what they were thinking or with instructions for using the spreadsheets. A query we sometimes receive is whether the excel comment can change shape. So instead of the boring box, can you use one of the other shapes?

As shown on the Contextures site, you can do this via the Quick Access Toolbar. First thing to do is to get the Change Shapes button into your Quick Access Toolbar. Once that is done all you need to do is click on the comment and click again on the border of the comment so that the image is highlighted (no flashing cursor in the text).

Now click on the Change Shapes button in the Quick Access Toolbar and chose your shape.

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