Excel Dashboard Tips and Tricks- Newsletter

Excel Dashboard Tips and Tricks

In this issue we cover a number of Excel dashboard tips and tricks as well as some of the other products and services we offer. Specifically we cover:

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Please vote in the elections next week

With the upcoming elections, a number of people have suggested not voting or spoiling their vote.

In the Excel spreadsheet calculator on this page we show that not voting (or spoiling your vote) has the same impact as if you voted the same way as last time. See more

Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Super Advanced Excel Training

We are running an Advanced Excel course from 12th– 14th May in Midrand and this includes how to use Pivot Tables.

This course is more advanced than the typical Excel level 3 and is beneficial for anyone who works with lots of data and needs to regularly clean the data received and turn it into meaningful information. Read more here

Pastel to Excel download issue

There is a slight Pastel export to excel problem that client’s encounter which makes working with exported data difficult. See more 

Compare 3 variables in Excel

A common requirement from training delegates is to compare 3 variables in excel. With use of the correct formula this is fairly easy. See more

Link a Textbox to a cells contents

A nice trick, useful for dashboards, is to get an excel textbox linked to cell value. This means that you can use formula and the like in a cell and the result can be conveniently shown in a suitably placed text box. See more

Add more text to a footer e.g. T&C’s

A number of clients have queried the text footer limit on the number of characters allowed. For example, if you want to include some terms and conditions as a footer to all printed pages you will eventually run out of space. See more

Use Format Painter on graphs

A useful trick when using Excel charts or graphs is how to use the format painter on a graph. Excel allows you to use the format painter on cells by simply clicking on the icon. For graphs it is slightly different. See more

How to work on 2 different worksheets (in the same spreadsheet) at the same time

How to work on two different excel worksheets at once (not 2 different spreadsheets but rather 2 worksheets within the same spreadsheet) See more

Our Featured Products and Services

Convert a PDF into Excel

A common problem is how to convert a document in pdf format into a workable Excel file.

Spreadsheet Auditing

A tool to easily review and audit spreadsheets.

Budgeting with Excel

Best ways to use Excel for your budgeting and forecasting needs. Learn how to consolidate multiple budget and compare actuals to forecasts Read more

Excel for HR

Custom built courses for particular areas e.g. HR. Learn how to better manage your HR and Payroll issues. Read more

Part Time Excel Courses

Via the online training courses you can learn all about Excel in the comfort of your own home, at any time convenient to you! Read more 

Free Skills Assessment

If you haven’t already completed your free skills assessment (if you don’t have a skill score next to your name we don’t have one yet) why not answer these 20 questions to find out where you may need more knowledge.

For Pivot Tables you need a score of 3 or above. What is yours?

If you know of anyone who wants to improve their Excel skills, please tell them about the online version of the Excel Skills questionnaire where you can get an indicative score with only 5 questions.

Access with Excel course

We have created a 3 day Access with Excel course which covers the fundamentals of Access and how to use it, and also shows how to get the best out of combining Access with Excel. Read more about it here

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