Excel double click copy down not working

If you enjoy using Excel’s double click to copy a formula down but stopping at the last cell with data in, it is useful to understand how it works and why the double click does not work sometimes.

YouTube Copy down double click not working

Double click to copy down to the last cell with data

If you double click the bottom right corner of a cell, Excel will copy the data in that cell down until it hits the last adjacent cell with data in it.

So below if you double click on the bottom right corner (2), the formula (1) will copy down to the last cell in column E. Except it won’t in this case!

Excel double click copy down not working

Copy via double click not working

You may not have noticed it, but there was a hidden column in the above example. So what Excel actually sees is the below and column F (2) was hidden and blank. So when you double click the formula cell (1), nothing happens.

Excel double click copy down not working

This is because Excel has got nothing to check against. For the double click copy to work you need to be directly adjacent a column that has data or formula in that come to a stop. So watch out for blank columns and remember to look for hidden columns as Excel ‘sees’ these even if you don’t.

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