Excel Except Function

Users of Excel will all eventually need to do an Excel except function i.e. where a cell does not equal to a certain range of numbers for example.

Excel does not have an ‘Except’ function so we need to use another function to achieve the same result. In this case we need to use the OR function (see YouTube video clip at the bottom)

So if we are interested in whether X is a number outside of the range of 10 and 20, we could ask Excel:

  • If X is bigger than 20 OR less than 10 (in Excel terms this would be =OR(X>20,X<10).
  • This will result in a True or False, which we can then use in other formula.

Be careful that you get the signs correct and that you use the OR function. If you accidentally say =AND(X>20,X<10) you will always get a false as no number can be bigger than 20 AND smaller than 10.