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Excel format for hundredths of seconds

In Excel you can format a time to show the hours, minutes and seconds using the standard format options. But what is the Excel format for hundredths of seconds?

So below we can see the winning times for the 1500m race. By default Excel will allow a format up to seconds (hours, minutes and seconds).

Excel format for hundredth of seconds

If you want to see the hundredths of seconds to see the splits of the 5th to 7th places you will need to use a custom format.

The easiest way is to:

  • highlight the cells
  • Click to format the cells (many ways but we use CTRL + 1)
  • Choose a number format under the Time category and then immediately go to the custom option
  • Add a full stop and 3 zeros to the end of the type code (so below it is hh:mm:ss.000)
Excel format for hundredth of seconds

It will now include the hundredths of seconds information.

Formatting for hundredth of second in Excel