Excel IF date greater than

Excel IF date greater than

A common check required in business is if date greater than another date say yes otherwise no or something along those lines (overdue/ current etc). This is easily achieved with the IF function.

What people typically don’t understand is that Excel is comparing 2 numbers and as a result it is very important that the dates you are referring to are valid dates per Excel.

We have blogged repeatedly on the date issue and you can see more here.

The actual IF function is simple (if you need to know how to use the IF function please do our free Fundamentals course).

Assuming that in A1 you have the (Excel valid) date 5 Jan 2015 and in B1 you have the (Excel valid) date 6 Jan 2015, the formula in C1 would be


As long as the 2 dates in A1 and B1 are valid, this formula will work well.