Excel never dies

Excel never dies

Great article on why Excel never dies and why, in our opinion, it never will die. So if you are hearing talk in the boardroom about removing Excel, ask them to read this article.

Some key quotes that rang true to us in the article ‘Excel never dies’ included (our comments in bold)

Excel may be the most influential software ever built (couldn’t agree more)

If you want to see the future of B2B software, look at what Excel users are hacking together in spreadsheets today (all software should have/ was prototyped in Excel)

Excel’s balance of usability and flexibility can be found in popular no-code and low-code products created over three decades since Excel first graced the screen.

Excel is the most popular programming language on earth (you are a programmer and you didn’t even know it)

Excel has been around a long time, so we can expect Excel to be around for a long time. That’s the Lindy Effect at work: the longer something lasts, the longer it can be expected to last.

Excel Will Never Die because

– Flexibility matters

– Backwards Compatibility with existing models

– Product architecture that gets better with more features

-Build for your passionate core