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Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely

Occasionally when you work with very big spreadsheets, you suddenly get a message ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’ as shown below. If you are lucky, when you click OK you can continue, and in this case we suggest you immediately save your work, then close down and open up again.

not enough resources to display completely

However, sometimes when you click OK, the message immediately reappears and you can’t get back into your spreadsheet. If you then use the task manager to shut down, you may end up losing all your work.

A way to avoid this is to do the following:

Have your fingers ready on the CTRL and S button (the shortcut to save your file). As you click on the OK in the ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’ message box, push CTRL and S.

If you get your timing right it will save the file. Once saved the messages will reappear but at least the file is saved. If it doesn’t save, just keep trying until the timing works.

The next trick is then to close the file down so that you can restart. Again these ‘Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely’ messages stop you from doing this. But a way around this is to right click on the Windows Explorer tab (right at the bottom of the screen, outside Excel), and choose CLOSE WINDOW.

not enough resources to display completely

This ignores the error message and will close down and/or ask you to save.

Once you are through this you should be able to open up again, but keep in mind that it may happen again as your system may not be able to handle the size/ complexity of your spreadsheet. You may want to split the spreadsheet a bit into smaller pieces so that your don’t experience this problem continuously.

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