Excel not recognizing spaces

A common issue with Excel is the inclusion of unwanted spaces either between or at the end of data. This often occurs when receiving information from another system via a download. Normally it is easy enough to get rid of the spaces but sometimes you come across situations where Excel is not recognizing spaces.

A typical situation is that you delete the ‘space’ in a single cell and everything works. But when you try and replace/ change many cells (using FIND/ REPLACE tool or another method) Excel says it can’t find any spaces.

YouTube: Dealing with spaces that Excel does not recognize as space

The most common reason for this is that the ‘space’ in the cell is not a space caused by hitting the space bar but a different ‘space’. There are lots of ways of understanding what this ‘space’ is but to just sort out the issue,

  • choose one of the cells and highlight and copy the ‘space’.
  • Then paste this ‘space’ into your FIND/ REPLACE tool or the formula you are using.

This should work. When you run it, you should see the changes you expect.

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