Excel quiz answers- 11 Dec 2014

Excel Quiz Answers

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Excel Questions

1)   The biggest risk with linking spreadsheets together is

a.   Rows and columns are added/ deleted when the linked spreadsheets are closed and the links become corrupt

b.   The linked files are difficult to find

c.   You can’t change where the file is linked to

d.   You can’t easily break the links to files

e.   You can’t easily check whether the files you have open are the linked versions


2)   The easiest way to get a PDF into Excel so that you can use the data is:

a.   In Excel click on DATA, GET EXTERNAL DATA and FROM OTHER SOURCES choose PDF

b.   In the PDF software click on VIEW and then IN EXCEL and click OK

c.   Download a tool that converts a PDF into Excel format

d.   In Excel simply click on FILE then OPEN and just open the PDF file


3)   What is the best way to see what cells are being used in a formula

a.   Look at the formula, note the references and go look at the cells

b.   Click in the cell (or click F2) and look at the coloured boxes to see what is being looked at

c.   Use the Goto Special button and choose the Trace Precedent option to see what is being used

d.   Use the Trace Precedent button in the Formula Auditing options.

Answers Below- Try the questions first though



1- A- Using the EDIT LINKS tool it is easy to open the linked files, change where it looks at and break links. The real risk is that files that are linked together have structural changes made while all the files are not open and the links become ‘wrong’

2- C- The one weakness in Excel is the ability to import data from a PDF. Still no real solution so you should look at getting a PDF converter.

3- D- The Formula Auditing buttons are the best for this. Both the F2 and the Goto Special options are constrained to looking with the current sheet only and simple links to other sheets and spreadsheets cannot be followed through. The Auditing toolbar allows for this.