Excel Quiz Answers- 14 Jan 2015

Excel Quiz Answers

Answers for the quiz on our 14 January 2015 Newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter visit the subscribe page.

Excel Answers

1- B-By naming the file in this way it will correctly sort in the folder so that you can see the latest file. If you use month names you can get a situation where August happens before January.

2- D- The Auditing toolbar can be used to visualise where the formula is different. Goto Special has a tool that looks for row or column differences. CTRL + ~ allows you to see all the formula at the same time so you can manually check for changes. The one that doesn’t find inconsistent formula is CTRL + D

3- A&B- If you apply spreadsheet best practice you are able to use the summing through sheets feature (sometimes called 3D formula) and have the ability to change multiple sheets at the same time. If your spreadsheet structure is inconsistent these time saving tools are not effective for you.