Excel shuts down when opening a file

If you have had the experience of Excel shutting down when opening a file you must know how frustrating it is. We experience it regularly, probably due to the size of the spreadsheets we build. However, it is sometimes even a small spreadsheet that perhaps contains a data table.

We haven’t found the particular reason but a way around it. For these types of files, rather open Excel first and open a blank worksheet.

As it often happens when we use Data Tables, we also recommend that you change the Calculation Options to either Automatic except Data Tables or manual and then open the file via the Open File method.

So first open Excel on a blank worksheet and change the calculation method to Automatic Except Data Tables

Excel shuts down when opening a file

Then open the file via the FILE ribbon

Excel shuts down when opening a file

For some reason this works much better and also gives you control of how long it takes to open (if you are on Automatic, then it first recalculates everything which might take a long time and all you want to do is see the file!).

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