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Excel VBA Training in Johannesburg, South Africa

We are running a 2 day Excel VBA Training in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The course will be held from the 11th- 12th April 2013 (for more dates visit the calendar)

If you are interested please go to VBA Training  for more details. Below is a summary of what the course will cover:

  • Introduction To Vba in Microsoft Excel
  • Record A Macro
  • Understanding Objects
  • Record And Edit An Append Dates Macro
  • Excel Object Model
  • Organising Macros
  • Record A Simple Goal Seek Macro
  • Understanding Input Boxes
  • Understanding Variables
  • Create A Sheet Sorting Macro
  • Decisions / Looping
  • Understanding Message Boxes
  • Debugging Macros
  • Understanding Arrays
  • String Functionality
  • Finalising The Sort-Sheets And Loan Goalseek Code
  • Form Controls (Vs. Activex Controls)
  • Userforms
  • Interfacing With Other Windows Applications
  • User Vba Casework
  • Custom Functions

If you are not sure whether you are skilled enough ask us about our free Excel skills assessment.