Excel with access database

Excel with access database

Excel with Access databaseOne of the more frequent questions we receive is how to use Excel with Access database. As a result we have created a specific Access with Excel course.

Excel is a powerful tool that is frequently used as a replacement database. However, a proper database tool has many advantages over Excel including its ability to handle more data (even with Excel 2013’s expanded rows). It also allows for multiple users on the same database and better access right protection.

Depending on what you are trying to do, MS Access may be the correct tool to build your database.

However, databases also have some constraints and this is where Excel is very powerful. Things like the graphing capability and sensitivity testing are often best performed in the Excel environment. Excel’s Pivot Tables and PowerPivot capabilities are also key features that are preferable to the equivalent in Access.

The ideal solution is often a combination of the two tools. Let MS Access do the storage and heavy calculations, and let Excel extract the reports and make them presentable.

With the Access to Excel training course we cover the key components of getting going in MS Access and also how to get Excel and Access to interact to achieve the optimum solution.