Excel’s Edit Links tool has changed

You may have noticed that overnight Excel’s ‘Edit Links’ tool has changed.

Previously, when you clicked on Edit Links, you got something like the below.

Excel's Edit Links tool has changed

Now it looks slightly different, but it does the same thing and has several brand new, very useful buttons.

As shown below, when you click on Edit Links, a new dialogue box appears on the right hand side (1).

Excel's Edit Links tool has changed

It has the same tools as before BUT there are also some useful new options available.

(2)- Refresh All is slightly different. Previously you had to update the links one at a time but now you can do it all at once.

(3)- A great NEW addition, instead of breaking links one workbook at a time (you can still do this as per (7)), you can now break ALL the links to other workbooks at the same time. Great when you need to email a spreadsheet but don’t want all the mess of external links.

(4) is the same- you can open that particular workbook (if Excel can find it- see 6 below)

(5) is another great tool. You can now get the full path or the linked workbook copied into the clipboard. This makes it easier to find which cells contain these links using the FIND tool.

(6) is the same and allows you to tell Excel where to look for the workbook you now want to link to instead of the old link. Great if you want to change it completely (was looking at January now must look at February), or if the files have been moved and you need to point Excel in the right direction.

(7) is the old break links which worked on an individual workbook.