Explode one section of an Excel pie chart

Pie Charts are a very popular method of visualising how much an item makes up of a total. Within Pie Charts you can make the ‘slices’ explode outwards. We don’t find this very useful. We do however like to explode one section of an Excel pie chart to emphasise it.

If you right click on the Pie Chart and choose the Format Data Series you will see that you can choose to explode all the slices (Pie Explosion below). You can also change the angle of the slice.


In order to explode only 1 slice, it is as simple as:

  • Click on the particular slice until only it is activated.
  • Click, hold and drag it out as far as you want. pie-charts

You can do this to as many slices as you want.

To learn about the other options for pie charts look at our online course.