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Fast financial modeling help

Fast financial modeling help

If you are a regular builder of financial models you may be feeling that you require fast financial modeling help as the year end approaches. We have two options available to clients who need immediate help with their financial models

Live Financial Modeling Course

With the year coming to an end shortly we only have a few more financial modeling classes coming up. The next course is on the 13th-14th November and for R5 700 you can quickly get up to speed on how to build a robust, safe financial model to help with your decisions. The course is presented by a CA(SA) and CFA with over 20 years financial modelling experience.

The course covers all the best practice requirements and includes methods to builid a working income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement in the fastest and safest way. The course also highlights the best ways to quickly generate budgets and forecasts.

For more details see the Financial Modelling course contents and the calendar

Financial Modelling Skills Transfer Programme

We have introduced a new Skills Transfer Programme to assist clients in making sure that their employees acquire the appropriate financial modelling skills.

The idea behind the programme was to provide on the job advice and includes one on one assistance when you are actually working on your models. That way you are trained on the specific areas of the financial model that concerns you, as financial modeling is a very broad concept.

By providing fast advice when you are actually having a model problem we have found that the skills transfer is more successful.

Click here for more details on the Skills Transfer Programme.