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Fill a date series in Excel (even if only workdays)

Creating a listing of dates is a common Excel requirement. You want to enter the first date and then drag down so that it fills in the next dates. But what if you want it to only fill a date series in Excel which contains workdays only?

YouTube Fill down date series (daily, weekday, month, year!)

Fill a normal date series in Excel

In order to activate the Fill Series in Excel you need to

  1. Have something in the cell (below we have a date),
  2. Hover your cursor over the bottom right (as if you are going to copy it)
  3. BUT you right click and drag down.
Fill a date series in Excel

As you drag down you will see that it will suggest consecutive dates.

Fill a date series in Excel

When you let go this will appear.

Fill a date series in Excel

Note that you have a number of choices. If we choose Fill Days then it will just follow consecutively.

Fill with the Workday Series only

You may have already seen how easy it is to do this. Follow the exact same steps as above except choose ‘Fill Weekdays’

Fill a date series in Excel

The end result is as follows. Note that at the Friday it skips the weekend and goes straight to the Monday.

Fill with a Month or Year Series

If you choose one of the other options it would create that series. Using the same start date below we show what each would look like i.e.

  • Days- consecutive days from the start date
  • Workdays- consecutive WORKDAYS from the start date (even if the start date is not a workday)
  • Months- consecutive months from the start date
  • Years- consecutive years from the start date

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