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Finance for nonfinancial managers training

Finance for nonfinancial managers training

The key to making good business decisions is understanding the accounts. Without some knowledge of accounting even the simplest of business decisions becomes a risk.This is where it is important for managers with a nonfinancial background, to have finance for nonfinancial managers training.

If you combine some Excel skills with these accounting skills you will have a better chance of making the right decision.

A good ‘finance for non financial managers course’ should cover the following:

  • financial jargon,
  • Interpreting balance sheets and income statements
  • Mastering debits and credits, journal entries and general ledgers
  • Understanding the effect of accounting transactions on the financial statements
  • Understanding accrual accounting,and
  • Understanding the difference between profit and cash flow.

For more information about our Finance for Non Financial Managers course with an extra day covering how Excel can assist,  please send an email to