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Financial Modelling Training in Mozambique during May 2013

We are running Financial Modelling training in Mozambique during May 2013.

The course is running from the 8th to the 10th of May 2013 at the Hotel Cardoso in Maputo.

We will be covering the following topics over the 3 days

  • Good Financial Model Practice
    • Types of financial models
    • Consistency in models
    • Separation in models
    • Integrity of the models
    • Structural issues
  • Creating trigger cells
  • Summing through sheets for aggregation and consolidation
  • Custom formatting for ease of reporting and input controls
  • Grouping periods e.g. months into quarters or years
  • Modelling macro-economic factors
  • Inflation
  • Exchange Rates
  • Interest Rates
  • Handling fixed, semi fixed/ variable and variable items
  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • Capital expenses
  • Working Capital in Financial Models
  • Depreciation calculation methods
  • Tax and Assessed losses in financial models
  • Modelling debt in a financial model
  • Valuation within a financial model covering the accepted valuation techniques
  • Running sensitivities in a financial model- Scenarios, Tables, Goalseek and Solver
  • Reporting- Methods to get your message across based on the results of the financial model

To get more details send a mail to