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2. How do you copy from Excel (see 1 below) and paste into Word (2) WITHOUT seeing the filter button, gridlines, comment notes and more?

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Finding Advanced Excel users

Watch our presentation on ‘Advanced’ Excel users in the business world and how to (correctly) identify them.

Our conclusion are:

  • ‘Advanced’ Excel is still undefined, but it is difficult to get away from the wording.
  • Skill levels can be assessed via MCQ type questionnaire BUT
  • Use a consistent quiz for benchmark purposes.
  • Intermediate may actually be OK (and better than the people you already have).
  • Careful thought should be given to each question (like a personality quiz).
  • Newest is not always best, end result more important than method used
  • Specific jobs require different Excel skills

Test your (or others) Excel skill level- no more awkward Excel interviews