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Free Excel Training Session in Johannesburg/ Pretoria Region

Free Excel Training Session in Johannesburg/ Pretoria Region

We are offering companies a free excel training session in Advanced Excel and tips and tricks. This is ideal if you have weekly or monthly department meetings.

The intention is to show companies what real Advanced Excel training looks like and how experts can assist your companies in achieving their goals. Too many organisations have been burnt by inferior training where delegates know more that the trainers!

The free hour will cover 45 minutes of new tips and tricks and 15 minutes of Q&A. And as an added bonus you can use these sessions for people requiring CPD training. To qualify for this:

  • You need to be in Johannesburg/ Pretoria (for now)
  • Minimum of 8 people must attend
  • We would like to meet the person responsible for training in the company.
  • Dates will need to be mutually agreed upon
  • The promotion ends at the end of November and is subject to availability.

To find our more send a mail to