How to export file names from a folder to Excel

Excel is extremely useful in working with lists, and in the modern world, a common listing requirement is the list of files and folders within a folder. So whether you are just indexing a folder for backup purposes, or you need the names of files in the folder to find missing items, Excel can easily do it. Below a method of how to export file names from a folder to excel.

YouTube Export file names from a folder to Excel

How to export file names from a folder to Excel

Although there are some VBA and other methods, the latest versions of Excel have made it exceptionally easy. All you need to make sure is that you have PowerQuery/ Get & Transform loaded. To check if you have it go look at the ‘Is PowerQuery Loaded pages‘, but see below how useful it is first.

To understand PowerQuery better, have a look at the online PowerQuery course but the simple steps are (Using Excel 2016):

  • Click on DATA
  • New Query
  • From File, and choose From Folder (as shown below)
Get data from all the files in a folder

You then choose the folder that contains the files by browsing to it.

Get data from all the files in a folder

When you click OK, it will show you the list of files in the folder. You will note that it has listed all the folder information including the path.

Get data from all the files in a folder

And that is it. If you now click LOAD, it will load it back into Excel as a table which you can now work with (see below).

export file names from a folder to excel

This is great if you have a folder with only files in it i.e. there is no other folder with other files. You will notice that PowerQuery won’t allow you to select that folder. You have to choose a folder which has no other folders in it! [Update- latest version of PowerQuery now allows this]

What can you do if you want to export folder and subfolders into a list in Excel?

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