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How to make a smooth line chart in Excel

When you are building a line chart in MS Excel, you may find that the jagged changes in direction don’t give you the look you want. So below although both charts are exactly the same, you may prefer the look and feel of the smooth lined chart. So how do you make a smooth line chart in Excel?

How to make a smooth line chart in excel

The process is very simple as there is a tick box for that (as with everything in Excel whatever you want is there- you just need to find it).

So as shown below, to make a smooth line chart in MS Excel, you would:

  • Right click on the jagged line;
  • Choose the Format Data Series
  • Choose the Fill and Line option (pouring bucket)
  • At the bottom tick the Smoothed Line option.
How to make a smooth line chart in excel

That’s it. Now your line will have a smooth changeover from one point to another.

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