How to use our Online Excel Courses

How to use our Online Excel Courses

In order to benefit from our online Excel courses you need to know the following:

Registering for the Online Excel Courses

In order to be able to access the free and paid for courses you need to be registered. This will allow you to complete the full courses and print out your certificates (even for the free courses). If you purchase a course you will automatically be registered. See below for accessing your courses if that is the way you registered.

In order to register you simply need to click on the Training Courses drop down menu and choose Courses and then Login.


You will see the following. Choose a Username (use the name you want to appear on the Certificate), give an email address and choose a password.


Once you have registered you may see the following page where you can customise some of your settings. Once finished click on the Go to button. You will also receive an email (please remember to check your spam folders in case it is there)


To see your courses and details go to MY COURSE under the Training Courses menu


Accessing your courses later

From the website go to the login page. Use the details sent to you when you registered or purchased a course and login.

Go to you MY COURSES page and proceed


To start taking a course navigate to the course. If it is free you can click on the ‘Start Taking this Course’ button as shown below. If it requires payment you can follow the process and pay via PayPal after which your course will become available.


Doing the Courses

The general flow of all the courses will be:


  • Written instructions on the topic combined with video clips covering the same material. You can use either method but the best is to do both.
  • Once you have finished the lesson, at the bottom of the page you will either need to take a QUIZ or click the COMPLETE LESSON, to complete the lesson. You must do one of these in order to continue with the course and eventually get your certificate



Excel Exercise Downloads

  • In order to cement your knowledge, you need to get hands on experience and this is where the exercises become important.
  • All courses have some form of download for you to use to follow along and to do the exercises
  • You will get both written and video instructions on what you need to do in each exercise. If necessary look at both
  • When you are done you can watch a video clip explaining each solution and emphasising the key lessons of that exercise. You will also find the solution in the file downloads


In order to get your certificate you need to complete the course in its entirety. Once complete you will see a button on the MY COURSES page where you can print the certificate and use for CPD points


  • You can’t see or complete the quiz
    • You are either not logged in or you haven’t completed the course in sequence.