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How to work on two different excel worksheets at once

How to work on two different excel worksheets at once

A common requirement is how to work on two different excel worksheets at once. The wording is important. It is not two different SPREADSHEETS, but rather two (or more) worksheets within the same spreadsheet.

To do this you need to use the VIEW tab in Excel. Click on the NEW WINDOW button. You will notice that it appears as if Excel opens a new spreadsheet. Look carefully at the name of the spreadsheets and you will notice that one of them is :1 and the other is :2. This is telling you that it is view 1 and 2 of the same spreadsheet.

To get the most effective use, now you can click on the ARRANGE ALL button and choose how you want to see the spreadsheets. When they are side by side you can work on either one. Any changes you make are shown on both (even though there look like there are 2, in Excel’s mind there is only one).

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