Impact of Interest increases on loans (calculator)

With the recent interest rate increase, it is important to understand the impact on your loan, typically your home loan. We have provided a simple calculator where you can assess the impact of an interest rate increase on the monthly repayment amount as well as the likely savings (interest and time) by putting a little extra in each month.

Below see how to use the Loan Calculator and open up the calculator (will open in a new window)

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Capturing the loan details

You are able to include the expected drawdown amount (1 below), term of repayment (2) and interest rate (3) to obtain the monthly payment expected (4).

We have allowed anywhere from 1 month to 300 months so this could be a home loan of 240 months or vehicle finance of 60 months. Any loan that has a fixed monthly payment can be approximated.

Interest increases on loans

You can also see a chart of the outstanding balance over time to see how it gets repaid.

Interest increases on loans

Impact of Extra Repayments

We have also included an option to see the impact on term and total interest paid if you make an additional contribution per month and if you increase this amount each year. This will show you how quickly a loan can be paid off and also builds a bit of a buffer for when interest rates may rise and you find yourself a bit stretched.

Invest the repayment amount if the loan is paid off early

To show the power of compounding we have also allowed you to see what your financial position would look like if, with additional repayments you pay your loan off earlier than expected BUT you then continue to pay the same amount (1 below) into an investment (and keep the house if that is what the loan was for).

After 300 months we show you the value of you house in a home loan case and the resultant investment value (2).

Interest increases on loans

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