Insert Copied Cells not working

We regularly use the Insert Copied Cells feature to save time. Otherwise you need to estimate how many columns you need, insert them, copy some columns and then fit them in (and hope you counted right). However, sometimes the ‘Insert Copied Cells’ option is not available! A reason for Insert Copied Cells not working.

YouTube Insert Copied cells not working

Why is the Insert Copied Cells not working

There are some other reasons but in our case it has to do with a filter that is active. So not just on, but active. So below if we copied column D and then right clicked on column G we have an option to Insert Copied Cells.

Insert copied cells not working

If however we switch on the filter to exclude just one row (the blank row) when we try and copy, Excel copies the cells instead of the column (ignores the hidden row) and when you right click on G, you only have the Insert Option.

Insert copied cells not working

The obvious solution is clear the filter, do the copy paste and then switch the filter on.

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