Invert/ Reverse COLUMNS in Excel

A recent request is whether there is a (quick) way to invert/ reverse columns in Excel? For example change a table that runs from FY2014 to FY2010 to FY2010 to FY2014.

So below we need to (quickly) reverse these columns so that column B is FY2010, then FY2011 etc.

Manually doing this will take too long. The easiest way will be to sort the columns and you can do this with the normal Data Sort tool in excel.

As shown below:

  • Highlight the area that needs to be sorted
  • Click on the DATA ribbon and choose the SORT button
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Choose to Sort Left to Right
  • Tell it which row to sort by (row 3 in this case) and in what direction (A to Z or Z to A).

You can watch a video clip on this in the online course