Knockout sweepstakes Brazil 2014

Knockout sweepstakes Brazil 2014

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Due to the many requests we have received, we have created a more detailed knockout sweepstakes for the Brazil 2014 World Cup. We have set up the files to automatically update themselves once the matches are finalised so it is possible to send the files to players immediately.

In this one you are able to predict the score during normal time, extra time and penalties if it gets that far in each match. We have also introduced a handicapping system to reward players who manage to pick the winning teams more consistently.

The scoring works as follows:

  • If you predict the overall result correctly (irrelevant of whether it occurred during normal time, extra time or penalties) you get 3 points
  • If you correctly predict when the result occurs you get 3 points (so if your prediction is a win in extra time and that occurs you get the points)
  • If you correctly guess the scores of either team during any of normal time, extra time or penalties you get 1 point per correct guess.

However, the handicapping will limit how much of each of these points you will get. You start with 100% for all teams.

If you correctly predict a team to go through, the 100% follows you. If you are wrong, only 50% is progressed. As the tournament progresses your possible scores will reduce each time you chose the wrong team. So the longer your selected teams stay in the tournament the more points you score. See more on the Knock Out Sweepstakes page