Move text to top of cell in excel

A common query is how to move text to the top of a cell in excel. By default if a cell is very high the text will start from the bottom and this can make the cell text look misaligned.

It is possible to tell the cell to start the text at the top of the cell. In a normal sized row this will look exactly the same but if it is higher, it will start at the top.

The summary of moving the text so that is shown at the top of cell is:

  • Click on the cell
  • Right click and click on the FORMAT CELLS option
  • Click on the ALIGNMENT tab
  • You will see options for the Horizontal and Vertical alignment. Horizontal alignment is better known (left, middle or right aligned).
  • The vertical alignment is less known but you can choose to align the text to the top, bottom or centre depending on your preference.
  • There are also some other options available which are worth looking into.