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MS Excel Training dates for 2019

MS Excel training datesWe have just updated our MS Excel Training dates for 2019 including the prices and venues. If you need to plan your training, look at when the public MS Excel courses are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

Last course for 2018 is from 3-5 December 2018 and first 2019 courses are running on the 21-23rd January 2019.

MS Excel Course dates guaranteed

Keep in mind that these course dates are guaranteed so you can book now for any future dates. To check which course is most relevant to you, have a look at the free Excel Skills Assessments we offer.

Inhouse MS Excel courses

We also offer inhouse training. If you have some budget left, book now for onsite courses in 2019 and get them at the 2018 prices.