New graphs in Excel 2016

One of the most overlooked sections in Excel has been the charting section. As the various versions have been released we have seen new tools for pivot tables, filters, conditional formatting and formula’s. But charts have stayed the same. The look has changed and where the options are, are moved around regularly but no new charts have appeared for years. However, this looks like it is changing with new charts in Excel 2016.

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As per the Microsoft Site a number of new charts will be available in Excel 2016. Some of these charts you can already build with some workarounds and clever tricks, but others are not so easy. Below what some of them look like. For more information of their uses refer to the Microsoft site

Waterfall Chart For Excel 2016+

waterfall chart excel 2016

Sunburst Chart

sunburst chart excel 2016

Treemap Chart

treemap chart excel 2016

Box and Whisker Chart

box and whisker chart excel 2016

Parento Chart

parento chart

Histogram Chart



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