Paste as values Excel- alternate method

 Paste as Values in Excel

The traditional way to turn a formula into a value is to use the Paste as values option. If you are not aware how to do it, you can copy a cell, click on Paste Special (under the Home tab, on the left with the Paste button) or on the relevant icon. You can see a video clip on how to do this by click the paste special tutorial.

Another way to do this is to use the ‘F’ keys.

If you click on a cell with a formula and click the ‘F2’ button it activates the cell (as if you have clicked in the formula). You can see more about this on the coloured cells video tutorial

If, while you are in a formula, you highlight a reference and push ‘F9’ the reference changes into the underlying number.

If you combine these 2 you get the equivalent of paste as values. So click on a cell with a formula in, push the ‘F2’ button, push the ‘F9’ key and click enter.

Thanks to the delegates in Mozambique who discovered this technique.

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