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Paste without gridlines in Excel (to Email/ Word etc)

Often you need to copy little extracts of a spreadsheet and paste the image into Excel. However, when you do this it includes the gridlines and anything else it sees where you may want it removed (filter dropdown buttons, red triangle comments, borders etc). Effectively you want the copy to mimic as if it was a printed version and paste without gridlines in Excel. There is a nice easy way to do this in Excel without switching off your gridlines permanently.

YouTube Paste Excel copy without gridlines, filter buttons, comment notifications

Copy Excel screen without the gridlines/ borders

The trick is hidden away in a copy button that you will seldom notice or use.

As shown below we have highlighted the area (1), but instead of a normal copy with something like CTRL + C, we have clicked on the Copy dropdown (2) and chosen ‘Copy as Picture’ (3).

Paste without gridlines in Excel

When you click on it the following will appear where you have a choice to make the copy

  • as it is shown on screen (with the gridlines and in this case the yellow cell)
  • as shown when printed (without the gridlines and depending on your print settings perhaps without the colours as well)
Paste without gridlines in Excel

Result is a paste as it looks printed

Below what it will look like when you paste into something like your email or a Word/ PowerPoint document.

(1) shows what you see if you paste it after specifying that it must look like it would if you printed it. Notice that there are no gridlines and the yellow cell is not shown (this is because in our print setting we specified that it must print in Black and White which removes any colours in the cells). So instead of changing the whole sheets gridlines you can just paste without the gridlines.

(2) is what it would look like if you just pasted in email with a CTRL + V or paste as picture from inside Outlook/ Word/ PowerPoint etc

Only print the graph in Excel

Copy Excel chart into PowerPoint or Word