Pdf to Excel 2013

How to Convert Any PDF to Excel 2013 (directly!)

Similar to any other software, Excel has its weak points.A very common “bug” that Excel shares with many other document formats is that it can easily lose its formatting when opened on a different computer.

That is why many Excel users archive, send and share their reports in PDF form. This is also true of other software application. Many debtor statements, payroll documents and product listings also use PDF formats. Not only do documents in PDF keep their formatting regardless of the device they are viewed on, this format also packs information and makes the document smaller and easier to open and share.

PDF is clearly perfect in some cases. Unfortunately, up to the latest version of Excel (Excel 2013) there is still no easy way to convert a pdf document into Excel so that it maintains the columns and rows you see on the PDF. You can convert an Excel file into PDF via Excel, but not the other way around.

Until Microsoft introduces this capabiliity, it is highly recommended that whoever uses PDFs frequently should also have a PDF to Excel converter in their everyday toolbox.

We use Able2Extract as our preferred option but there are many versions which you can use.

Just don’t spend hours trying to manually get PDF data into an Excel file.


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