Pin your regularly used Excel files

If there are Excel files that you regularly use, it can be useful to always have them visible in the recently used list. Unfortunately, if you haven’t recently used them, they won’t be there and you will need to search for them again.

From Excel 2007 upwards you can now ‘pin’ these commonly used files in your recent list. This means that you will always have these files as an option on your recent excel files list even if you haven’t used them recently.

As shown below, when you click on File, you can click on the pin icon (to the right of the file name) and your common files will move to the top and always be visible.

Pin your regularly used excel files

You can do a similar thing for your commonly used folders. Pin them so that it is easy to access the folder.

To remove them from the list, just click the pin again. This can be very useful even when you are temporarily using a file regularly. So if you have a January file, during January you may have this pinned. But when February comes you can remove the January file and now pin the more frequently used February file.

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