Pivot Table Excel 2013

Pivot Table Excel 2013

We are running a one day Pivot Table Excel 2013 course on Friday, 11th April 2014 in Bryanston Sandton. The course will cover Excel 2010 and 2007 as well.

Five new skills you’ll take home with you:

  • How to reconcile debtors, creditors, credit card and bank accounts with clever PivotTable use.
  • How to summarise payroll data with three clicks.
  • How to use Excel to analyse sales listings to identify trends.
  • How to manage project costs and allow for detailed reporting and analysis in Excel.
  • How to use Excel to track orders and deliveries in detail or at a ‘big picture’ level.

Pivot Table Excel 20130 Course Outline

  • How to get your lists into a PivotTable.
  • How to create your first PivotTable to summarise your data by months.
  • How to sum, average and count in Excel with no formulas.
  • How to create % of running totals, year to date and difference from calculations (with no formulas).
  • How to categorise your lists into clients, products, suppliers or any other category.
  • Group your list into years, quarters, months or weeks with two clicks.
  • How to generate multiple statements off a single list.
  • How to create year to date and running totals with no formula.
  • Generate unique product listings out of large databases.
  • Add graphics and dashboards to visualise your business data.

Seven questions the PivotTable Training Course will answer for you:

  • What’s the quickest way to scrutinise statements for errors e.g. phone records, supplier statements, e-toll accounts?
  • How do I use my data to generate meaningful business intelligence?
  • Can I use Excel to identify trends in your sales, leads, orders and deliveries?
  • Is there a way to easily change my management reports by adding new elements, re-arranging layouts, drilling down into your sales or costs?
  • How do I summarise orders by supplier, client, or product (or all of them) in Excel?
  • Can I use Excel to import my sales, accounting, payroll or any other data directly into a reporting system with pivots?
  • Does Excel let me sum, sort, average and more without formulas?