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Pivot table not pulling all data

Pivot table not pulling all data

Pivot tables are great tools but due to the lack of understanding of how they work we are often told that the pivot table is not pulling all the data. There could be a number of reasons for this and some are very easy to fix.

The data source is not long enough

If the source of the data is cells within a spreadsheet, it is possible that the data is now longer than when the pivot table was originally set up. To check this click on the pivot table and click on CHANGE DATA SOURCE in the ribbon. This will take you to the source data and by looking at the highlighted area you will see if it includes all the data. You can also change it here.

The Pivot Table is not refreshed

Pivot tables need to be refreshed if data has changed. You can simply right click on the pivot table and click REFRESH.

A filter is switch on

One of the rows or columns may have some filters switched on (e.g. some of the items are unticked). If items are unticked and new data appears it will only show the data from the ticked items and any new label will by default be unticked (if there was no filter on, then new labels would by default be ticked)