PowerPivot iferror not working

PowerPivot iferror not working

If you use PowerPivot you will need to make regular use of the IFERROR function to compensate for errors in the data. However, it is possible that the PowerPivot IFERROR will not work in certain situations.

One of the reasons for this is that the 2 arguments in the IFERROR are of a different data type e.g. a number and text.

For example if I have a calculation that subtracts one column from another and I want to build in an error check I CANNOT do this

=IFERROR(Col 1- Col 2,”Not Applicable”).

This is because the first argument of Col 1 – Col 2 will normally result in a number result.

However, if there is an error then a word (“Not Applicable”)  is wanted.

Although this is possible in normal Excel use, PowerPivot will not allow it. You need to make sure the data types are the same so perhaps in the above example this may be acceptable (depending on what you are doing)

=IFERROR(Col 1- Col 2,0).

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