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PowerPivot- New Excel workshops we are developing for South Africa

power pivot training coursesWe have developed a number of new courses for presentation this year in South Africa and the rest of Africa. One of the exciting new courses is the introduction to Power Pivot course.


You can now do the PowerPivot course online. Visit the Online PowerPivot Training Course page

The PowerPivot course will follow on from our successful Pivot Tables course and introduce this new free tool from Microsoft which will revolutionize the BI industry. PowerPivot is available as a free download for Excel 2010 and is included in certain versions of Excel 2013

Per the Microsoft Website regarding Power Pivot,

PowerPivot will give you the answers you need, allow deeper insight into any business aspect, and compress your decision cycles. It achieves this by:

  • Taking advantage of familiar Excel tools and features
  • Processing massive amounts of data in seconds
  • Loading even the largest data sets from virtually any source
  • Using powerful new analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and
  • Making the most of multi-core processors and gigabytes of memory


To find out more send an email to   .