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1. How do you copy from Excel (see 1 below) and paste into Word (2) WITHOUT seeing the filter button, gridlines, comment notes and more?

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Only print the graph in excel

When working in Excel and using the brilliant graphs and charts, you will occasionally want to see only the chart. The best way is to print this. But how can you only print the graph in Excel without all the other information.

YouTube Print Chart only

Only print graph/ chart in Excel

It is unbelievably easy. Simply click on the graph and push CTRL + P or under FILE click PRINT.

Only print the graph in excel

If Excel sees you are clicked on the graph it will immediately only focus on the graph so you will see the same as below. Now you can change the setup to suit your needs.

Only print the graph in excel

What if the graph won’t print in Excel

Depending on some settings you may have a situation where you can’t click on the graph or copy it. This is probably because the sheet has been protected and the properties of the graph have been set to leave them as LOCKED (so you can’t click on the chart or right click to copy it).

Firstly you will need to unprotect the sheet (Click REVIEW, Unprotect Sheet and give the password if required).

Then right click on each graph, choose the Format Chart Area, click on Properties and untick the Locked box. This tells Excel that when the sheet is protected, the chart will be unlocked. Now you should put the protection back on.

graph will not print in Excel

Graph protected and you don’t have the password

If you don’t have the password and you desperately need to get just the chart out then you will need to copy it and paste it into another document (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc).

The problem is that if it is set to lock, you cannot right click on the graph and copy it. In this case you need to copy the cells around it.

So as shown below we highlight the cells behind the graph and click copy (or CTRL +C).

graph will not print in Excel

Then in another Excel document you would choose Paste Special and choose to Paste as Picture (or picture link if you want it to automatically update when the original changes) as shown below.

Now that it is a picture you can click on it and you will see that in the Ribbon is a FORMAT tab. At this stage you can crop it to remove any unnecessary images.

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