Rearrange Columns in Excel

Rearrange Columns in Excel

A recent query involved how to rearrange columns in Excel into a specific order. In this case it involved a weekly download from SalesForce and a requirement to (easily) move the columns around into a specific order.

For small changes you can  simply insert some columns and cut and paste the columns into the appropriate order. But what if you need to move 30+ columns around every week?

Another idea is to use the Data Sort Left to Right feature.

rearrange columns in excel

  • Take the download and in a row at the top, number the columns in the order you want them to appear.
  • Highlight all the data including the row with the sort order.
  • Click on DATA SORT
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Click OK
  • Choose the correct row in the ‘Sort By’ drop down list

Easy way to move your columns around.